Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Revelers Land Stray Bullet in Home of Houston Man

There is no doubt that excessive alcohol consumption is the number one concern among law enforcement during the New Year's Eve holiday. As they do every year on December 31, the Houston Police Department stepped up its patrols and road blocks checking for those who were unfit to drive or otherwise causing drunken mayhem. This problem, not surprisingly, is a global one. I read earlier today that the police in London responded to an alcohol-related emergency call every seven seconds as young Brits rang in the new year! After an incident in Houston on Wednesday night, maybe more focus needs to be placed on those revelers who think that randomly shooting bullets into the air is the best way to celebrate that exciting time of year when they get to purchase their new "Joke a Day" desk calendars.

Apparently, some people took to the streets in the western part of Houston's Harris County and fired their guns to acknowledge the promise and new opportunities that 2009 offers to all of us. It's only natural. I have always found that deadly weapons and holidays make for a fantastic combination. Unfortunately, the good-natured fun led to a bullet through the home of a Houston man. This innocent man was probably sitting on his couch watching Dick Clark and waiting for the ball to drop with no clue that he would soon be shot as part of a celebration. He is now in serious condition at a local hospital.

At Bertolino LLP, we do not think that pulling a trigger is ever an appropriate way to enjoy an important date, be it a bar mitzvah, Thanksgiving, your birthday, or the start of a new year. If your finger does somehow twitch out of uncontrollable excitement, however, and someone is injured as a result, our criminal defense attorneys can help. If you find yourself facing such charges, please contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office today.

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