Thursday, January 1, 2009

Need Some Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions? Bertolino LLP Has a Few Suggestions

The new year has officially arrived and all of us here at Bertolino LLP hope that the first few hours of 2009 have been good ones for you. For many people, the start of a new year inspires reflection on the events of past twelve months. Also, most of us make resolutions to improve our behavior. These well-intended promises to eat better, visit the gym more often, or quit smoking are often forgotten by the end of February. Based on my writings here over the past year, I would like to recommend several items to add to your resolution list that you should make a genuine effort to maintain until the ball drops on 2010. These actions may not be good for the business of our law firm, but they certainly are important for your legal standing.

1. Be a better parent. This is something we all strive to do, myself included, every day. We are given no more important task than raising the next generation. A good start would be no longer encouraging your child to rob and murder elderly men, paying the child support you owe instead of hiding on a tropical island, and finding someone other than your preteen daughter to drive you home when you are intoxicated.

2. Limit your drinking. This is a timely resolution considering what many revelers are experiencing this morning after a night of champagne. When you make the smart choice to cut back on your alcohol consumption, you lessen the chance of striking a police officer's horse with your high-heeled shoe or getting arrested following a flight during which you threaten fellow passengers with lines from a hit movie featuring a cannibal.

3. Refrain from the act of murder. I know this seems like an obvious one, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to provide the most basic of reminders. Whether it be a girlfriend who had the audacity to steal your cell phone, an innocent deer who provided joy to thousands of visitors at a local park, or a cabbie who did not take your recommended route to the airport, just walk away before the situation escalates into violence.

I hope you take these resolutions seriously and have a crime-free 2009. However, if you do fall on the wrong side of the law and need representation in court, the attorneys at Bertolino LLP are here to help. Our offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio will be open all year!

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