Friday, January 30, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Tight End Fined for Derogatory Video

With sports fans and those who enjoy seeing new TV commercials completely focused on the upcoming Superbowl contest between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers, you may have thought that the players on our Texas teams would be able to stay under the radar. The Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans both missed the playoffs this season, so you might hope that the players would use their free time to talk with school children, work on their golf game, or just spend quality time with their celebrity girlfriends. Instead, Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett rapped his way to a hefty fine from the National Football League.

Bennett posted two videos of his rhyming skills on YouTube, the first of which included Bennett's use of derogatory terms for blacks and gays, his assertion that he has Jerry Jones' money and the consumption of alcohol. All of this behavior was done while wearing a Cowboys helmet, so subtlety certainly was not the goal. The second video ends with an apology to his fans, but only after he insists that he did nothing wrong and makes the eloquent statement, "One crazy verse. It could’ve been worse. I mean, I did curse. But I didn’t see a hearse.” For his public antics, Bennett was fined $22,647. This payment is equal to one game's salary for the player who just completed his rookie season.

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