Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Austin Woman Sentenced for Dropping Mothballs in Soup

Depending on the type of soup you are enjoying at your dinner table, some additional garnish can add to the flavor of the liquid creation. Cheese is commonly sprinkled on top of French onion soup, for example. Who doesn't enjoy a few oyster crackers floating on top of a hot bowl of New England clam chowder? Even a sprig of parsley makes for a nice finish for tomato basil. On the other hand, what are some ingredients that should never be included in your crock pot? I think everyone would agree that mothballs definitely needs to be placed at or near the top of that list. Unfortunately, some customers at a Randalls supermarket in Austin received such an inedible product in their to-go containers.

Lea Suzan Sechler was arrested last year for dumping mothballs in the soup cart at Randalls on at least two separate occasions. Luckily, in both instances, the strong odor emanating from the chicken noodle was enough to warrant concern from both employees and customers and no one suffered serious injury from the mothballs. Taken in high doses, the primary components can cause such lovely side effects as stomach irritation, vomiting, and liver damage.

Sechler apparently had been hearing threatening voices for years and believed, based on what her delusions were telling her, that the harassment would stop if she dropped mothballs in soup. She was caught in this dangerous act through both video surveillance and purchases made on her frequent shopper card, which proved she was in the store each time the ball drops occurred. Sechler pled guilty to tampering with a consumer product yesterday in an Austin courtroom and, due to her mental illness, received ten years of deferred adjudication and thirty days of inpatient treatment.

Diseases such as
schizophrenia, from which Ms. Sechler suffers, are serious matters that require thorough and ongoing medical attention. If you or someone you love is suffering from any mental ailment and this condition has resulted in criminal activity, the defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP can help. Please contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office today to discuss your case.

Finally, I must congratulate the University of Texas Longhorns on their great victory last night in the Fiesta Bowl. Hook 'em Horns!!


Anonymous said...

Suzan is and always has been a person with a good heart. I hope she finds relief and recovers quickly.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% I know Suzan from many years back. I wish her peace and relief. She was always sweet to others and under-confident in herself. I always thought the world of you.