Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Six Texas Men Arrested for Illegal Deer Trading

When Santa Claus became concerned that he would not be able to guide his reindeer through the foggy skies on the one night of the year that his driving skills were essential, he found an amiable reindeer with a red nose to guide the way. Rudolph was just hanging out by himself along the side of the ball field, since he wasn't allowed to play in any reindeer games. Santa simply walked up to the lonely creature and asked to employ his illuminating olfactory organ. He did not have to tranquilize the unsuspecting reindeer with a dart and then illegally transport him to rooftops around the world. On the other hand, six men in Texas found that such criminal activity was the only way for them to get possession of the deer they desired.

Wardens with the Special Operations Unit of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Law Enforcement arrested the men on charges of trapping, purchasing, or selling wild native Whitetail deer. While deer breeding is a legal business in the state of Texas, breeders must only sell to one another to avoid the possible spread of unchecked diseases. The most common fear is Chronic Wasting Disease that, without knowing any details, simply does not sound very pleasant. In this instance, wild deer whose medical charts were not able to review were being sold to the legitimate breeding facilities, as several of the men worked in this field.

The six deer thieves face up to a $2000 fine and 180 days in jail for violating state regulations involving Whitetail deer. In addition to the current charges, the men likely face additional felony charges of tampering with a government document and illegal possession of tranquilizer drugs. They should have simply followed Santa's lead and befriended the deer in the forest instead of sedating them for selfish profiteering.

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