Monday, December 1, 2008

Houston Rapper Plans to Release Album from Jail

It's inspiring when you see someone continue to work hard and fight for success in life, no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. Many of our country's most successful business owners and inventors met with countless failures before finding the one product that financially set them for life. How many times did Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt get turned down for even the smallest roles in a movie? Now, these superstars get to pick their scripts. So, why should a little hiccup like a forty-five year sentence for the aggravated assault of a child get in the way of a rapper's dream?

Carlos Coy of Houston, who goes by the catchy stage name of South Park Mexican, maintains his innocence in the molestation of his nine-year-old daughter's friend. However, a paternity test proved that he does have a history of involvement with underage girls, as he is the father of a baby born to a fourteen-year-old child. Still fighting to prove his innocence through appeals in the Harris County court system two years ago, Mr. S.P. Mexican took some time out of his court schedule to record some new rap songs from a prison pay phone. Now, the label that was lucky enough to snag this imprisoned artist, Dopehouse Records, wants to release an album featuring some prison tunes as well as songs recorded before his confinement began.

Obviously, the victim's family is not happy with the idea that Coy could gain new fame with this album and therefore have details of the case resurface. Coy tries to offer some solace with the reminder that he cannot profit from his music while behind bars. But, it is convenient that Dopehouse Records is owned by his brother and employs his wife and other family members.

We certainly despise the crimes that landed Mr. Coy in prison. However, if you are a rapper who has been falsely accused of a crime and you need someone to defend your innocence in court, Bertolino LLP can help. We have defense attorneys, as well as attorneys who specialize in entertainment law who can help you with a record contract once your name has been cleared. Please contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office today.

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