Thursday, December 4, 2008

Houston Man Charged with Killing Ex-Girlfriend's Dog

When a romantic relationship comes to an end and one of the partners involved is not happy with this development, there is a tendency for some form of retribution to take place. Maybe a woman grabs a pair of scissors and removes her ex-boyfriend's head from all of the photos they took together. Perhaps a guy spills all of the most private secrets of the girl he had loved only a week before on his MySpace page. While some level of anger is certainly understandable, there is never any reason to take out your hurt on an innocent canine. And if, like Adam Lemus, you choose to kill the dog of your former girlfriend, you should be prepared to face jail time.

Lemus, who has used the interesting alias of Jose Juan Ramirez, broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend outside of Houston. Once in the apartment, he slit the throat of an unsuspecting Chihuahua and then tore the place apart. The dog owner returned home to find the destruction and Lemus allegedly assaulted her before running away.

Appearing in Harris County court yesterday, Lemus was charged with aggravated assault, animal cruelty and criminal mischief. While he could earn his temporary freedom for $100,000 if he was just facing the charge involving the dog, the judge decided to deny bail altogether for the assault. Also, there is the possibility that Lemus is in the country illegally. ICE and related enforcement agencies may be offering the man a one-way ride south.

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