Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cockfighting Ring Busted in Texas

I certainly am one who can appreciate an outstanding athletic performance. For example, our own Houston Texans were quite impressive last weekend against a Tennessee Titans team that had only lost one previous game. I have great hope that the playoffs might await those guys next season. And, I recognize the right of those who have the desire to risk large amounts of money during this time of questionable economic stability to gamble on the assumed outcome of a given game, as long as it is done through legal venues, of course. However, strapping razors to a chicken and betting on which piece of poultry will not be killed is not only an unfortunate choice of a hobby. It is also illegal in the state of Texas and may lead to jail time.

Six people were arrested in Montgomery County, north of Houston, over the weekend following the bust of a cockfighting operation. All of the involved parties were charged with promotion of gambling and gambling paraphernalia. The owner of the fine establishment also was charged with keeping a gambling place. All crimes are considered Class A misdemeanors.

In addition to the collection of roosters and hens, both dead and alive, police officers recovered drugs, guns, spurs and $4000 in cash. They also towed about fifty-five cars from the property, many belonging to the spectators who ran into the woods when the authorities arrived. All of the surviving animals were taken to the Houston SPCA for examination. If it is determined that animal cruelty has occurred, which I cannot imagine requires a great stretch of the imagination, the owners of the fighting fowl will face additional charges.

If you have become such a regular at illegal cockfights that you have your own ringside seats and now you are facing criminal charges for this poor decision, the defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP will make sure that all of your rights are intact as you progress through the legal system. Please contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office today.

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