Friday, December 12, 2008

Austin's "Rockabilly Bandit" Arrested After Disguise Discovered

When standing in front of the mirror in the morning, I wonder how much consideration your typical bank robber gives to the disguise he will use when perpetrating his crime. Should he just throw on the typical ski mask, as it provides great facial coverage and requires very little effort? Or, should there be a visit to the costume store for a complete Easter bunny costume? This unexpected hat tip to a beloved holiday character might confuse people to the point that no details of his exploits can be remembered. One man in Austin decided that the look of a Southern rocker would be the best disguise for those moments during which he was threatening tellers and running away with money, but this "rockabilly bandit" has now lost his freedom due to the very costume he selected.

Robert Graham, Jr. tossed a paper bag containing a fake beard, hat, and other clothing that was linked to four robberies in the Austin area out of his car last month. Perhaps he did not stop to think that he was throwing out pieces of DNA at the same time. A man discovered the bag and its contents along a creek bed and gave the suspicious pieces to the police. Graham's genetic make-up was already in the system due to an earlier stint in a California jail, and the DNA proved to be a match.

Graham was arrested in Austin on Wednesday. In addition to the new charges he faces for robbing four Austin banks between April and October of this year, Graham also must address a parole violation he committed stemming from previous crimes in Texas. His boss should not count on his presence at the upcoming office Christmas party.

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