Monday, November 24, 2008

Texas Men Engage in Shoot Out Over Stray Dog

Unfortunately, it is not unusual to read stories about gun violence in our city streets that stem from seemingly trivial disagreements. Items of clothing, sideways glances, and coveted parking spots have all been the source of violent disputes. Over the weekend, an animal took center stage as the object of contention.

A stray dog that apparently walked with a confident swagger drove some men to violence outside of San Antonio yesterday. In Northeast Bexar County, a group of young neighbors fought over the legitimate ownership of a street-roaming pit bull and the dispute grew into a shootout in the streets. Around twenty rounds were fired outside an apartment building, with two men getting shot in the foot. While I certainly am glad that no one was seriously injured in the ridiculous argument, I have to wonder how so many bullets were fired with wounds occurring nowhere above the ankle. With aim that low, weren't the combatants in danger of hitting the dog over whom the violence arose in the first place?

Perhaps you are now thinking the same question that went through my mind when learning of this incident -- Is Michael Vick already out of jail and working to repopulate his fighting kennel in a new city? However, the former star of the Atlanta Falcons is still serving time in federal prison and I trust that he will choose to focus on rebuilding his career as a quarterback once he is done. Instead, two of the men involved (those with the foot injuries) are only teenagers and at least two others fled from the scene. As for the dog who was the focus of OK Corral-like activity, he has not been found. So, for now, he remains the possessed object of no man.

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