Monday, November 10, 2008

Texas Man Wanted for Murder and Beheading Captured in Oklahoma

There are certain attributes that are commonly held by members of white supremacist organizations. They are hateful people who wish to blame others for their station in life. Often, their bodies are walking examples of the precise art created by a tattoo needle. And, those with a violent streak manage to find particularly heinous ways to kill fellow human beings. One such man, William Knittel, allegedly decided to kill one of his associates in the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and then behead him and mutilate his body. Apparently, a shared burning hatred for other races does not keep you safe from the homicidal capabilities of your close friend.

Mr. Knittel, who lives outside the San Antonio area, evaded authorities for nearly a week following his indictment by a Kendall County grand jury. His freedom ended yesterday near Dill City in western Oklahoma. He was captured with assistance from the U.S. Marshal's office and he now awaits extradition back to Texas.

Lamy's headless body was discovered by a fisherman last month. He was identified by family members after they recognized his tattoos in photos. Police are still trying to determine exactly what made such a vicious crime necessary and are still looking for a second suspect in the killing. From the information gathered, it appears that Lamy did something to upset his colleagues in the Aryan Brotherhood and a contract killing was ordered.

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