Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Texas Man Receives Pardon Due to Daughter's Efforts

With the end of each presidential administration, speculation begins on which controversial criminals will receive last-minute pardons. With President Clinton, there was a lot of criticism over his decision to pardon Marc Rich on his last day in office. Some are now wondering if President Bush will make a similarly controversial move with a decision to pardon Scooter Libby. These high-profile moments of legal forgiveness are rare, however, with most pardons occurring under the radar and with little resistance. To someone like Daniel Pue, however, that official word from the federal government is life-changing even if no one else notices.

Mr. Pue, of Conroe, Texas, was convicted in 1996 on federal charges of illegal storage, disposal, and transportation of hazardous waste without a permit. The materials and chemicals he was carrying were used to preserve utility poles as part of his job with Conroe Creosoting Co. He was sentenced to six months of house arrest followed by three years of probation. He also was required to pay a $1000 fine. Although he maintains that he was just doing his job, Pue never tried to avoid his punishment and followed every detail of his sentence.

Several years later, Pue's adult daughter found herself in a college government class with a professor who, in addition to teaching about checks and balances and federalism, encouraged civic participation in his students. Karen Flint decided that her action would be a pardon request for her dad. And, after the appropriate paperwork was filed and the investigative questions were asked, Daniel Pue was awarded a full pardon by the federal government. It's too bad that Ms. Flint is in her mid-30s and cannot use this as leverage in her home, "Come on, Dad! Can't you extend my curfew just for tonight? Don't you remember I got you that pardon from the president?"

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