Wednesday, November 12, 2008

San Antonio Women Learn You Can't Hide Pot in a Milkshake

The question is often asked as to whether or not chivalry is dead. If the practice is no longer part of our society, it that a sign of progress or an indication that good manners are on the decline? Should a man hold a door for a woman and allow her to enter ahead of himself? When the check comes at the end of dinner, should the man rightfully expect to pay for his date? And, here's a another question to ponder ... if a man is pulled over by cops and knows that he is transporting a bag filled with marijuana, should he stay and face the consequences or flee and let the four women also in the vehicle take the fall. For one San Antonio man, the latter option was the preferred choice.

Police officers pulled over a car without license plates at 12:30am yesterday morning. The male driver, knowing that he was playing chauffeur to a duffel bag stuffed with pot, ran away from the scene. The four women, in what I hope was not a compact car, tried to escape from the backseat but found themselves trapped by child safety locks. Those pesky safety features foil yet another crime! Knowing they were stuck in the car but unwilling to give up the goods, the women tried to stuff the drugs in the car seats and inside a chocolate shake. There's one bonus topping that you are unlikely to find at the Dairy Queen anytime soon.

The drug-stuffing, safety lock-challenged women were all arrested and now face charges of felony drug possession. The police say that they are following leads on the identity of the man who fled from the car. Do these women not know the person with whom they were traveling, or are they refusing to cooperate with authorities? At this point, it's probably a good idea to share whatever they know.

We do not recommend that you ever run away from a police officer. Stick around and face the crimes you may have committed. Then, contact Bertolino LLP for the expert criminal defense representation that you will need in court. We have attorneys in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio ready to help you today.

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