Friday, November 28, 2008

San Antonio Police Officers Face Punishment Following Racy Photos

When revelers take to the streets of a major city, especially when they have consumed multiple adult beverages, they have the tendency to pose for overly jubilant photos in front of famous landmarks. In New Orleans, the French Quarter and cheap strands of beads tend to be involved. In Washington D. C., there may be a quick trip onto the lap of President Lincoln at his Memorial. Apparently, the desired photograph to capture while enjoying time in San Antonio is with the downtown bike-pedaling police officers. Five of the city's finest have learned that obliging to appear in such pictures could lead to problems beyond just being captured at an unflattering angle.

The police officers agreed to pose with several young women who appeared in suggestive poses while wearing less than your typical November attire. The officers are seen laughing with their new female friends and one of the ladies even borrowed a cop's jacket as a photo accessory. The photos ended up on (surprise!) a MySpace page and were then emailed to a local television station.

There are conflicting opinions over the severity of the officers' actions. Some say the men were just being polite to a few women having a good time. Others believe that members of the police force should be held to a different, higher standard. As Geary Reamey, a law professor at St. Mary's University, said, "If the public doesn't take law enforcement seriously, because they engage in juvenile behavior ... that's not an image that advances law enforcement." The police chief has decided to reassign the officers while he decides how seriously the photos should be taken. The men face anything from a simple reprimand to three days' suspension.

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