Friday, November 14, 2008

Houston Teacher Arrested for Having Drugs at School

There are many sources of stress for teachers in our public school system these days. There always seems to be another standardized test for which the students need to be prepared. Parents are calling or even stopping by unexpectedly to demand information about their child's progress. And, especially in high schools, those who lead instruction in the classrooms are faced with teenagers who often are as worried about their social status or upcoming athletic competition as writing tonight's English essay. However, no matter how many challenges a teacher faces every day, the answer is never to turn to illegal narcotics to ease the mounting tension.

Sean Thomas, a teacher at Worthing High School, was discovered to be carrying marijuana while on the school's campus. His stash was found by a drug dog during a search of the employee parking lot. He has been charged with possession in a drug-free zone and suspended with pay while the investigation unfolds.

There is one student who I am sure is particularly unhappy with Mr. Thomas' need to bring pot to the school, which is part of the Houston Independent School District. A sixteen-year-old freshman started acting nervously when he walked by the members of law enforcement who were present for the search. Apparently, there was a reason for his shifty behavior as the police removed an unloaded gun from the student's backpack. The boy was arrested, processed for expulsion, and will soon find himself enrolled at an alternative school.

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