Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Houston Police Searching for Killer of Beloved Deer

When a criminal decides to inflict violence on a treasured member of a community, you can expect that he will face severe repercussions from the men and women who live in the neighborhood. Sometimes the victim is an elderly lady who has been widowed for years and has become the honorary grandmother for everyone on the block. Other times, inexcusable violence against a child rallies neighbors together in a cry for justice to be served. This week in Houston, the focus of mourning is on an old deer named Mr. Buck.

Mr. Buck was a resident of a wildlife sanctuary at Bear Creek Pioneers Park. Park rangers considered him too tame to survive in the woods, and he even allowed schoolchildren to pet him. He was kept on the 2100-acre park with various other animals as part of a federally protected reservoir. Now, the person or persons who crept into Mr. Buck's home in the darkness of night and killed the trusting animal will face some very serious federal charges.

Someone walked through nearly a mile of marshland, broke through the back fence of the sanctuary, and then killed the deer with some sort of instrument. The perpetrator then decapitated Mr. Buck and stole his head as a trophy. A bloodhound brought to the scene on Tuesday has captured the scent of the person who committed this violent act and local taxidermists have been given photos of Mr. Buck in case the attacker enters one of their stores. Once caught, the deer killer faces charges of felony poaching, animal cruelty, trespassing, criminal mischief, damage to county property and additional crimes once the weapon is determined.

This crime has understandably disturbed the entire community, including children and animal lovers who made regular visits to Mr. Buck and his fellow residents. But, of course, even those who commit such unpopular acts are entitled to their day in court. If you have been accused of any crime, we have defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP who can help. Please contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio today if you need legal assistance.

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