Friday, November 21, 2008

Houston Police Officers Accused of Beating Father of NFL Star

We expect the members of our law enforcement to serve as role models and protectors in our community. With guns, badges and flashing lights, police officers are able to wield a lot of power over their fellow citizens. When one of them decides to cross the line and abuse his position of authority, we are understandably disappointed. When this cop focuses his violent behavior on the relative of a nationally-known figure, he should be ready for some unwanted media attention and severe consequences.

Two Houston police officers are accused of beating Martin Driver, the father of Green Bay wide receiver Donald Driver. Driver was arrested in the driveway of his mother's house in the early morning hours on Monday for outstanding traffic warrants. By the time he reached the Southeast Jail on Mykawa, he was unresponsive. Once transferred to the Memorial Hermann Hospital-The Texas Medical Center, Driver was determined to be suffering from a brain hemorrhage.

What exactly happened during the car ride from the driveway to the jail is now in question. Family members who were present at the time of the arrest claim that Driver was in perfect condition when he left with the officers. They also accuse the police of abusive language and statements that seemed to indicate a vendetta against Donald Driver. Perhaps one of the officers played back-up to Driver on the high school football team and still holds a grudge?

The two officers remain on duty while being investigated by the internal affairs division of the Houston Police Department. Community activist Quanell X, who often finds himself in the middle of heated legal issues in Houston, is calling for the suspension of both officers while information about the events is being gathered. Meanwhile, Mr. Driver's condition recently improved from critical to good.

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