Thursday, November 6, 2008

Austin Boxer Released on Probation

When a person is athletically inclined towards a particular sport, he must be careful that those developed skills are not used for ill purposes outside of the sports arena. Soccer players should never kick fellow pedestrians as they walk down busy streets. Hockey stars are not advised to perform a body check on someone who will not stop talking in a movie theater. Even when there is no wrongdoing on the part of the sportsman, some people may assume him guilty of physical aggression due to the nature of his profession. While some of the details remain unclear, former boxer Kurtiss Colvin is convinced that he fits into the category of the unfairly accused.

Colvin was released from jail earlier this week after spending seventeen months behind bars for an incident that occurred during Austin's annual Juneteenth celebrations. During a dispute, Colvin knocked down David Morales because, he claims, the man was reaching for a gun. While some testified that Colvin used just enough force to make Morales fall and cease to be a threat, others asserted that Colvin threw an unprovoked punch. Whatever the specific chain of events, the unfortunate result is that Mr. Morales died as a result of the head trauma.

The jury acquitted Mr. Colvin on the manslaughter charge and sentenced him to ten years of probation for aggravated assault. He also will be required to attend counseling and pay for all court services. Colvin maintains his innocence and told the media that he only got involved because Morales' friend had just hit a young boy with his car. He is considering an appeal and hopes to return to boxing. He said upon his release, "I am a champion. People just don't know yet."

While we appreciate the instinct to get involved when a child has been the victim of a crime, we urge everyone to think twice when the resulting action is further violence. If you have gotten caught in the middle of a shoving match with consequences more dire than you ever could have anticipated, please contact Bertolino LLP if you now find yourself in need of legal assistance. We have defense attorneys in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio who can help.

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