Friday, October 31, 2008

Trial Begins for Houston Woman Who Abandoned Her Children to Get Married

Every woman wants her wedding day to be perfect. She may spend hours pouring over photos of wedding cakes, requiring just the right combination of flour and sugar to make the celebration of her nuptials ideal. She visits every boutique in a tri-state area trying on white, flowing dresses until she looks in the mirror and feels like a princess. She hopes for beautiful weather, well-behaved groom's men, and the ring bearer not to trip. In the case of Shanell Mosely, her wedding day wishes were a little different. She hoped that the six children she left without adult supervision would be fine as she flew to Africa for a month or two to exchange her vows.

Ms. Mosely, of the Houston area, flew to Nigeria on New Year's Eve last year to marry a man she met on the internet. Plane tickets for international travel are expensive, so I guess she decided that her five children (ages one to fifteen) as well as the neighbor's children who were in her care could stay home alone in the States. The abandoned children were discovered nearly a week later when a deputy made a welfare check on the home. The teenaged daughter, who made the call to Child Protective Services, claimed that she had been left in charge and she had no idea how to reach her mom. Ms. Mosley insists that her sister was supposed to take a bus from New Orleans to care for the children, but some miscommunication prevented that from happening.

The trial for Shanell Mosely began yesterday. She is facing felony charges of child endangerment. She has been in jail since returning to the United States, unable to make the $275,000 bond, and her children are in foster care. The prosecution opened their case by asserting that Mosely is a reckless mother and providing witnesses who spoke of the severely underfed children and the roaches that were crawling throughout the home. The defense plans to argue that their client is only "guilty of love." I'm not sure what the minimum sentence is for that crime in Texas.

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