Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Texas Student Wearing Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle Will Not Be Charged

Teenagers have always searched for unique ways to express themselves, from their choice of music to room decor to the clothes they wear every day. And, if their attempts at individuality manage to disturb authority figures -- even better! Here in Texas, what better way could there be to make a statement than through your carefully selected belt buckle? Mark Wells of Pasadena, TX took this approach when the school year started last month, and his decision landed him in jail and suspended from South Houston High.

How could a belt buckle lead to legal problems? Instead of wearing a buckle showing his name or a rhinestone reproduction of our state flag, Mark decided that his belt needed a finishing touch made from a set of brass knuckles. As the student himself stated, "“I try to make different things that don't normally go together, work." In this instance, the combination was a wide strip of leather and a tool crafted specifically to inflict severe pain to someone's face, usually as retribution for unpaid gambling debts if the movies I watch are accurate.

The assistant principal did not appreciate Mark's sense of style and he was arrested. While spending the first day of school at the local jail, the young man was charged with the third-degree felony of bringing a weapon to school. A spokesperson for the Pasadena school district insisted that administration was just following the rules, releasing a statement that stated, “The district and students operate under rules set by the state. These rules are provided to students in the Student Code of Conduct."

Mark Well may finally be allowed to return to school and move forward with his junior year. Yesterday, prosecutors in the case decided to drop the felony charges against the student and the case was dismissed. Let's just hope he decides to leave those barbed wire shoelaces at home as he heads out to resume his education.

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