Monday, October 13, 2008

Texan Wanted on Capital Murder Charges Captured with Help from Wife

There is a case unfolding in Texas that involves many areas of intrigue --an estranged spouse, murder, and an attempted escape across the border -- that make for a blockbuster movie or at least an ongoing plot in a daytime soap opera. However, the events occurring a Cleveland family are very real and wrought with tragedy. Over the weekend, two of the main players in this story planned a meeting, with one of them ending up behind bars and facing the death penalty.

Ramiro Contreras is accused of inviting himself into his mother-in-law's home last month, where his wife was taking refuge with their four children. He started firing shots at the residents, shooting his wife's mother, Barbara Swearingen, and two other people. Ms. Swearingen died on the way to the hospital, at the same time that Contreras was abducting his wife and kids from the scene of the crime. Contreras' kidnapped family was discovered safe and unharmed the next day.

Apparently, Contreras did not believe that the murder of her mother was enough to keep his wife from marital loyalty. He made plans to meet her early Saturday morning, after being on the run for over two weeks, with the intention of using her as his chauffeur into the extradition-unfriendly (concerning death penalty cases) country of Mexico. Unfortunately for the alleged mom killer, his spouse was working with law enforcement and he was arrested by members of the Cleveland Police and San Jacinto County Sheriff's Department. He now faces charges of capital murder and aggravated assault, the first of which being punishable by death in the state of Texas.

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