Friday, October 17, 2008

San Antonio Man Kidnaps Ex-Girlfriend

There are usually strong emotions at play when a long-term relationship comes to an end. If the break-up was not a mutual decision, the unwilling partner can have difficulty accepting the situation. He may spend endless hours plotting ways to win back the love of his significant other. Maybe he sends flowers with a note of promises to be a better man. Perhaps he makes an effort to change bad habits that became too much for his girlfriend to handle. The course of action taken by a man in San Antonio yesterday is not recommended to anyone who has real hopes of reconciliation. He kidnapped his ex-girlfriend at knife point.

The man, whose name has yet to be released, kicked in the back door of his 24-year-old former girlfriend's apartment and forced her out of the home. Her five children, ranging in age from two years to eight years, were left behind in the care of another family member who, fortunately, was also inside the apartment. The estranged couple drove around in the female's car until a local police officer recognized the vehicle and arrested the man without incident.

According to the woman's best friend, the couple had been together for about six years and the mother of five gave her abducting boyfriend many chances to mend the relationship. But, it appears her patience had come to an end and, according to police, "that was a problem for the suspect." The man now faces charges of kidnapping and the possibility that he may have to win back his girlfriend from behind prison bars.

We certainly do not advise that you resort to criminal tactics if a romantic relationship comes to an end. However, if you have been accused of such a crime, the defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP are here for you. Please contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office today to discuss your case.

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