Thursday, October 2, 2008

San Antonio Dad Abandons Young Children in Apartment

Parents struggle with determining at what age a child is old enough to stay home alone. Can I drive down the street for some milk and bread while my twelve-year-old son sits at the kitchen table doing his homework? Should I trust my high school senior to be without parental supervision overnight while my spouse and I celebrate our anniversary? Usually, that decision needs to be made considering the maturity level of the child and basic common sense. In no circumstances would it be deemed acceptable for a two-year-old and an eight-month-old to be left alone in an apartment. Earlier this week, Anthony Lee Mason learned that such an act will get you charged with two counts of child abandonment.

A resident of San Antonio, Mason was supposed to watch his two children on Tuesday morning while their mother worked. Apparently, he determined that he had more important activities in need of his urgent attention. Local police officers found the older child wandering around the parking lot of his apartment complex. Somehow, the cops managed to get the little boy back to his correct apartment and discovered his younger brother sitting alone in the home. As if leaving a toddler and an infant alone is not crime enough, police also discovered drug paraphernalia and the kids appeared to be malnourished. It should come as no surprise that child protective services have been asked to assist with this sad situation.

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