Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Round Rock Man Charged with Stealing Computers

I suppose there are many reasons that a person could need thirty computers. Perhaps he loves interactive gaming but cannot decide on just one character to create for himself. It could be that he has thirty jobs, and while he is developing spreadsheets on one screen, he is chatting online with a client on a second computer and editing a video clip on yet another. Or, there is simply the most likely reason for the acquisition of so many computers ... he hopes to sell most of them for a nice profit. Whatever the reason may be, Round Rock resident David Hudson made a mistake of federal proportions in obtaining thirty laptops from Dell Inc. using a false name.

Mr. Hudson somehow got his hands on account information for current clients with Dell. He then requested replacement computers and had them shipped to postal businesses in Round Rock. While this plan might have seemed ingenious to Hudson on the front end, it doesn't seem that he thought through what might eventually happen in the process. Practicing good customer service, Dell called the people who supposedly received replacement computers and discovered that a new machine had never been requested. Raising suspicions, an investigation ensued and Hudson was arrested last week at Postal Annex as he was picking up two more computers.

The computer re-router has been charged with felony theft and tampering with a government record. If he is convicted of these crimes, Mr. Hudson faces up to twenty years in prison. He already has confessed to stealing sixteen computers but has not accepted responsibility for the other fourteen that fit the same theft scheme.

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