Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Houston Woman Killed Over Loud Music

In our crowded and busy communities, tensions between neighbors are all too common. Most of us are familiar with the phrase, "Good fences make good neighbors" coined by Robert Frost. But, sometimes, we aren't able to separate ourselves enough to prevent conflict. We roll our eyes when Mr. Jones fails to mow his lawn for three straight weeks. We complain to our friends when Ms. Smith across the street decides that a spinning snowman, five bowing deer and a strobe light searching for Santa are beautiful house adornments at 2:00am in December. However, it is only in rare and sad instances that our disagreements escalate into violence. In Houston on Monday night, a feud between neighbors resulted in murder.

Ashley Tillis paid a visit her neighbor, Veyonka Pouncy, to let her know that she intended to host a party and warned that loud music may be a part of the evening. Pouncy apparently did not appreciate this piece of news. She pulled out a pistol and began firing. Tillis managed to stumble back to her home but died later at Ben Taub General Hospital. She leaves behind a three-year-old son and a job as a parole officer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Veyonka Pouncy has been charged with murder and remains in jail with bail set at $50,000. According to one of Houston's homicide dectectives, Pouncy has not been particularly cooperative and has given conflicting stories during questioning. What is becoming clear from interviews with neighbors is that this feud did not start on Monday. There may be a long list of legitimate grievances that Pouncy has based on past interactions with Tillis. However, I am certain that none of these frustrations justifies murder.

We certainly do not want to see any dispute settled with violence. However, if you have been accused of a crime against your neighbor ... or anyone else, Bertolino LLP has defense attorneys who will represent you aggressively and thoroughly. Please contact our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio offices today.

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