Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Houston Woman Fatally Stabbed Over Stolen Cell Phone

It is not unusual for couples to fight over petty matters, especially when they live together. Why didn't you clean up the dishes after dinner? Why do you always get to hold the remote? Don't your socks belong somewhere better than piled up on the floor? After a couple of slammed doors and some time spent on opposite ends of the house, these issues are usually resolved. Never should such arguments lead to acts of violence. Unfortunately, Houston resident Darwin Dario Melgar did not get that message and he killed his girlfriend on Sunday night. The reason? Melgar claims that she stole his cell phone.

Upon being called a thief by her own boyfriend, the victim (whose name has not been released) slapped and bit Melgar. Convinced that his cell phone was stolen by his live-in love and angry at her unfair retaliation, Melgar took off to his cousin's house and returned with a large kitchen knife. He stabbed his girlfriend several times in the chest and then fled the scene of the crime he committed. No word on whether or not the cell phone was retrieved.

Darwin Melgar has been charged with murder. He is being held at the Harris County Jail on $50,000 bond. The young man, who is only twenty-two years old, may have destined himself to a majority of his life in a prison cell simply because he was possessive when it came to a small, telecommunications device. He serves as yet another sad example -- the best option is always to walk away when anger starts to take over.

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