Thursday, October 30, 2008

Houston Man Stabs Wife Because She Wanted to Leave a Party

Have you ever been to a party and the festivities were so amazing that repeated attempts by your date to head home fell on deaf ears? Maybe the charades tournament was just starting to reach a fevered pitch. Perhaps you could not be torn away from the amazing meat and cheese platter. Or, it may have been the heated conversation on the merits of the electoral college that kept you planted in the party room. No matter the quality of the revelry, there is never a justification for injuring your better half when she finally forced you into the car and back home. Just ask Victor Manuel Gutierrez.

Mr. Gutierrez, of Houston, got angry with his wife back in January when she wanted to leave a party before he did. He screamed with frustration at his wife during the entire car ride home, with his children as an unfortunate audience for the tirade. Upon getting home and ordering the kids to their rooms, Gutierrez allegedly stabbed his wife in the neck, punched her nose and threatened her with a knife to the neck. When the party-weary wife struggled against the attacks, Gutierrez cut her and threatened to kill her.

Following the incident, Mr. Gutierrez was charged with aggravated assault against a family member. Police have revealed that he is now on the loose and believed to be somewhere in the Houston area. Based on his alleged actions, I assume that Mr. Gutierrez should be considered armed and dangerous. Please call 713-222-TIPS if you have information that could lead to his capture.

Have you been enjoying a great time at a social function and been accused of an overzealous reaction when asked to leave? Were your actions of a criminal nature? If you find yourself in need of a defense attorney, please contact the Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office of Bertolino LLP today.

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