Friday, October 10, 2008

Fish Pedicures Banned in Texas

There are endless ways in which the vain try to maintain the outward appearance of youth and beauty, and our cosmetic industry is more than happy to oblige with ever more unusual services. They go to luxurious spas to be slathered with mud or seaweed. Tweezers, wax, and even lasers are used to create the perfect eyebrows. They willingly have needles stuck into their cheeks and lips to remove any hint of a wrinkle. However, there is one procedure that will no longer be allowed in the state of Texas. Pedicures using live fish to nibble way at the dead skin on your feet have been banned for health and safety reasons.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation indicated a concern over using the same fish for multiple customers and therefore creating an opportunity for infection. Also, because some of the standard disinfectants would threaten the well-being of the little guppies, the foot baths and holding tanks cannot be cleaned to the extent that would result in acceptable levels of hygiene. So, it appears that men and women who wish to be bitten hundreds of times by aquatic creatures will now have to dip their feet in one of Texas' fine lakes or creeks and just take their chances on the results.

If your son and daughter is looking for a new addition for the family fish tank, I recommend that you stop by your local salon. Chances are that the owner will be eager to sell you some of their out-of-work fish for a bargain price!

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