Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Texas Man Offers Ride and Gets Stabbed

You're a man with a roomy truck and a tank filled with gasoline (perhaps you thought ahead and purchased that all-important fuel last week). You consider yourself the type of person who likes to help a neighbor in need. So, what are your natural instincts going to be when two women who approach you late at night share that they are in need of a ride? Of course, you open the passenger door and offer your chauffeur services to the lovely young ladies. If this scenario describes you, then you have something in common with Angel Martinez. And, the outcome of his actions should serve as your warning.

Mr. Martinez welcomed two women into his truck late Friday night on the South Side of San Antonio. Apparently, the good Samaritan may not have realized the reason that the two women asked to take refuge in his vehicle. Their quick proposition for sexual activity, however, clarified the objective. Martinez declined the offer and prepared to let the women out of his truck. It was at this point that two men approached Martinez and stabbed him in his chest. He was found by EMS while walking towards a main road and was taken to the hospital in poor condition.

Neither the women who were marketing their sexual skills nor the men who stabbed Mr. Martinez (and stole his wallet) have been found. But, multiple charges of a serious nature await them following their capture. In the meantime, if you see two females approaching your vehicle for transportation assistance, look for men lurking in the shadows waiting to strike before you oblige.

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