Friday, September 12, 2008

Preparing for Hurricane Ike

Today's approach of Hurricane Ike puts my daily posts on legal issues affecting Texans on the back burner. Instead, we are all focused on the forces of nature that are zeroing in on Galveston, Houston and other areas of our state. My thoughts are with my fellow Texans today. I hope that everyone has reached, or is in the process of reaching, a safe location and that the damage to our homes and businesses is minimal.

The National Weather Service issued a warning last night that people choosing to stay in Galveston Bay and who live in one- and two-story homes are facing "certain death". I don't remember ever hearing such strong language coming from a storm warning. I hope that every resident of Galveston is taking the notice seriously. There will be as much as nine feet of flooding a mile inland! Houston is looking to take a direct hit as well, requiring the evacuation of millions of people. I credit our local and state officials for taking every step possible to ensure the safety of their residents.

Curfews have already been issued in many areas. Houston airports are grounding commercial flights today. Schools will be closed. Professional football and baseball games have been postponed. President Bush has issued a state of emergency for the entire state of Texas.

All of the attorneys with Bertolino LLP are watching the progress of Hurricane Ike and we hope that the worst predictions do not come to fruition. If destruction does occur and you have legal battles to fight in the wake of the storm, we will be at our Austin, Houston and San Antonio offices to assist you.

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