Monday, September 8, 2008

Local Candidate Charged with Deadly Conduct

As we are witnessing during this presidential year, candidates for public office can expect to have every detail of their lives scrutinized by the media and the general public. Are you really proud of your country? Are you claiming your daughter's baby as your own? Did you point a 12-gauge shotgun at your neighbor while she innocently steered her riding mower? This last question hasn't been asked of McCain or Obama ... yet, but is a relevant query for candidate Nick Ramus.

Mr. Ramus is running as the Republican candidate for Hays County Commissioner of Precinct One, an area located between Austin and San Antonio. He now must take some time away from kissing babies and attending neighborhood picnics to address charges of deadly conduct. His neighbor, Carolyn Logan, is accusing him of pointing a gun at her from across the fence that separates their properties. Ramus has asserted that his gun was pointed towards the ground at all times (that's comforting) and that there was nothing threatening about his actions. He claims that he merely forgot to put down the gun, which he was cleaning to prepare for dove hunting season, before attempting to speak with Ms. Logan about a construction worker who allegedly was trespassing.

Ramus was incredulous at the notion of dropping out of the face, as he insisted he did nothing wrong. However, the possible year in jail that he is facing for the Class A misdemeanor might pose a problem in his efforts to serve the people of Hays County. For now, he is free to continue his election efforts after posting a $5000.00 bail bond.

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