Thursday, September 11, 2008

Houston Dad Indicted on Charges of Killing His Children

Several times on Beloblawg, I have written about mothers who have committed horrific crimes either against or with their young children. The nominees for this blog's "Mother of the Year" award continue to grow with each new police report. I decided that it's time to turn my attention to some of the outstanding dads here in Texas. Randy Sylvester of Houston has received national attention over the past several months for the alleged murder of his two children. Yesterday, Mr. Sylvester was indicted in the deaths in a Harris County courtroom. Prosecutors have indicated that they will be seeking the death penalty if Sylvester is found guilty on the capital murder charges.

Randy Sylvester led authorities to the charred bodies of his two children, three-year-old Denim and seven-year-old Randy, a week after reporting them missing on (ironically ... and quite sadly) Father's Day. There is evidence, based on burned tree limbs, that an accelerant was used at the scene. So, it appears that the suitcase and wooden box which held the little bodies were intentionally torched at the makeshift burial site. Sylvester insists that, although he knew the location of his kids' remains, he is not responsible for their murders. Instead, he claims that the children were killed by some anonymous people to whom he owed money.

The additional details surrounding Mr. Sylvester do not look good. While being indicted on the capital murder charges, he also was indicted for assault against the mother of his children. Last year, he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine but failed to meet the conditions of the probation he received. We can now only wonder why he was never brought back to court to answer for this violation and perhaps be put behind bars and safely away from his children.

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