Monday, September 22, 2008

Houston Boy Killed During Fight Over Stray Cat

I can appreciate a quality family pet as much as the next attorney. My family, for one, has two pets (a poodle named Kipper and schnauzer named Cody). And, who doesn't applaud a young person who wants to provide a good home to a stray cat? However, when a teenager's defense of his new furry feline friend leads to the death of an innocent child, his stand as an animal-rights activist loses its nobility. There is a basis for these introductory statements to my blog today, and at the center of my comments is the death of two-year-old Avery Rhodes Williams. He was stabbed to death on Friday when his mother's boyfriend and the man's younger brother fought over the presence of a homeless feline in the latter's Houston apartment.

Keenan Bernard Conner, the aforementioned boyfriend, did not appreciate the stray cat that his younger brother brought home a few days ago (protesting the pet despite the fact that he doesn't even live with his brother). When Conner threatened to throw the cat into the apartment complex's swimming pool, the juvenile sibling pulled out a large kitchen knife. In the fight that ensued, little Avery, who was visiting the apartment with his mom and Mr. Conner, was struck by the blade and died.

Based on his attack on Mr. Conner, the sixteen-year-old pet rescuer (unnamed due to his age) was arrested on charges of aggravated assault which, in part, is defined as use or exhibition of a deadly weapon during the commission of an assault. He has yet to be charged in the death of his young visitor, but awaits further details while being housed at a juvenile detention facility. If murder charges are added, the future does not look bright for this young man.

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