Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Austin Police Looking for Man Stealing Gas

Do you still wince every time you pull up to a gas pump and look at the price for a gallon of that precious fuel? Drivers across the nation are struggling with the effect that filling up is having on their wallets. In some areas of the country, such as Nashville, Tennessee, the problem is even worse. Following Hurricane Ike, gas supply to that area has gone nearly dry, with eighty-five percent of the stations completely closed at one point and long lines greeting customers at the few available pumps. Back here in Austin, one man has found a way around the high gas prices and the police are asking for your help in finding him.

The suspect, whose grainy picture is shown above, is said to have stolen around $10,000 of fuel from gas station pumps. He apparently has a master key to open the pumps and knows the master code to override the controls. He has used his inside knowledge to fill up multiple cars at stations in the south central area of Austin. He avoids the threat of witnesses by breaking into the pumps during night hours when there are no attendants working.

Have you seen a man driving around in a SUV, possibly a Ford Escape, who does not seem concerned with paying $4.00 for a tank of gas? Have you observed him standing in front of a pump looking at a notepad on which is scribbled a long series of numbers? Please call the Austin Police Department at (512) 974-5268 with any information you may have.

If the current gas prices have led you to commit a crime (stealing gas, vandalizing a pump out of utter frustration, blocking off an 18-wheeler on the interstate to grab some bread instead of having to pay the increased prices at the supermarket) and you are need of a strong defense, please contact Bertolino LLP and share your situation with us. We have attorneys in Austin, Houston and San Antonio who are ready to help you.

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