Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Austin Masseur Arrested for Secret Videos

You've had a long day at work or maybe a particularly stressful afternoon with the kids. You are looking forward to the massage appointment that has been circled on your calendar for weeks. Some essential oils and music that features the chimes ... yes, all will be better soon. What if you discovered, however, that photographs and video were being taken of you secretly during this supposed moment of relaxation? And, what if you then learned that these pictures of you, along with those of 120 other women, were being circulated by your masseur amongst his friends? If you ever had a massage by Austin resident Jason Charles Thompson, perhaps you should be concerned that this scenario applies to you.

Mr. Thompson has been arrested and charged with improper photography or video recording, which is a Texas state felony that comes with jail time. He took secrets photos of his clients "in various states of undress" and during their actual massages. There is also video of him having sex with several of the women, which I imagine is not one of the approved methods of treatment approved by the American Massage Therapy Association. He was booked in the Travis County Jail on Friday on a $50,000 bond.

How were the incriminating photos discovered? Thompson is going through a divorce, and his wife found them on their home computer as she was removing some of her personal files. And, what's worse is that she recognized one of her friends as an unwitting star in several of the videos. Hmmm ... that should make for an interesting detail with the divorce attorneys.

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