Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Austin Man Called a "Wimp" by Angry Telemarketer

Telemarketers seem to have an amazing sixth sense in knowing when you are just about to sit down to dinner or head out to your daughter's soccer game. I'm guilty of responding to the ring, thinking it might be an important call. Instead, I hear, "Good evening, Mr. Bertolino! How are you doing? Would you be interesting in hearing about some fantastic beachfront property we have available in Ohio this week? We are sharing this amazing deal just with a few lucky people!" I politely share my lack of a desire to hear any more of the fascinating script and hang up the phone. We all have had these abbreviated conversations. How many of us have dealt with a telemarketer who just couldn't let it go?

Austin resident Randall Whited claims that a telemarketer called back after he put down the receiver and said, "You just hang up, because what, you're not man enough to talk to me ... That was such a girl thing to do, wimp." Now, I am sure that making hundreds of phone calls every day to people who greet you with emotions ranging from apathy to blind hatred is a thankless job. I think, though, that the response to Mr. Whited could be deemed slightly unprofessional.

Mr. Whited managed to reach the telemarketer's supervisor, who refused to release either the name of the employee or the company. According to the Attorney General's Office, the company is violating regulations of the Federal Trade Commission by not releasing this information. While no specific legal action has been mentioned, Mr. Whited does intend to take this case to the fullest extent possible.

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