Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Fate of Hilary Duff's Birthday Party Determined in Houston Courtroom

Perhaps you consider yourself too mature be concerned with the latest gossip concerning Miley Cyrus, or you don't have ten-year-old daughter (like I do) who shares the latest news breaks with you. If you are looking for more grown-up current events, you instead have the option of following Miley's prequel in Disney superstar status, Hilary Duff. The entire Duff family has often found itself in the news recently, as Hilary's parents are battling through an unfriendly divorce in a Houston courtroom. The regular media disclosures of the nasty proceedings, which started two and a half years ago, remind all of us that celebrity status does not protect people from the painful realities of divorce.

Bob and Susan Duff sat on opposite ends of the courtroom yesterday with their attorneys battling over the fate of a critical issue ... who is going to pay for Hilary's 21st birthday party? Apparently, the Duff parents spent $25,000 on a present and party for Hilary's older sister a couple of years ago and her mother wants to make sure that the siblings are treated equally. When Bob Duff attorney's questioned how his client was supposed to produce that large sum of money, the estranged Mrs. Duff responded that he could "get it from the same place he got money to buy presents for his girlfriend's sons." Ouch. At the end of the hearing, Judge Thomas Stansbury ordered Mr. Duff to pay $12,500 towards the cost of his younger daughter's birthday extravaganza.

This birthday invoice was not the only painful piece of financial news that Bob Duff received yesterday. Until a final settlement is reached, neither party in the divorce is supposed to sell off assets. Mr. Duff was led away in handcuffs to serve ten days in jail for contempt of court after the judge learned that he sold over $350,000 worth of stock last month. That money must now be paid into a court repository.

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