Thursday, August 21, 2008

Man Charged With Illegally Dumping a House in Austin

Anyone who travels along busy roads will see the ugly results of a person's decision to litter. Food wrappers, cigarette butts, or a random shoe (how exactly does that happen?) are not uncommon sights along the shoulder of any interstate. The cute signs, something like "STOP" L"IT"TERING, are usually posted with the accompanying fine for those who choose to use the highways as a convenient trash receptacle. Paul Morris Miller decided not only would he ignore the littering laws of Texas, but he would flaunt his defiance. He dumped a house!

Mr. Miller was stopped by members of the Travis County Sheriff's Office back in April because the two-story house he was hauling was so large that traffic was prohibited from passing his vehicle. The police quickly learned that Miller did not have a driver's license nor the necessary permit to transport such a large item. Miller left the nomadic home in an open lot with the promise that a person with the legal paperwork would return the following day to complete the house's journey. This promise has remained unfulfilled because the house still sits in the same lot, travels aborted.

Amazingly enough, Miller is a repeat offender when it comes to illegal house dumping, as he has been charged with this crime twice before. I cannot imagine Miller has a stellar rating from the Better Business Bureau based on this propensity to leave people homeless. If convicted of illegal dumping in this instance, Miller faces up to two years in a state jail.

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