Friday, August 22, 2008

Houston Texan Jameel Cook Arrested for Drug Possession

The season hasn't even started yet and the Houston Texans will be competing in what is arguably the most difficult division in the National Football League. And, now the team is facing the possibility that it may be taking the field on Opening Day without one of its players. In this instance, the cause for the absence is not an unfortunate injury during practice or the birth of a child (we didn't acquire Travis Henry, right?). Instead, the Texans are dealing with the increasingly common occurrence of an athlete mugshot.

Fullback Jameel Cook was arrested and jailed on Wednesday for possessing marijuana in his car. How did the police discover this illegal narcotic in Cook's Mercedes? The car was missing a front license plate and registration sticker. That's not exactly the best way to travel unnoticed. When the officer asked Mr. Cook for the standard "license, registation, and proof of registration, please" items, he failed on all three counts.

Cook still holds a Florida driver's license, which was suspended three months ago. Let's cut the guy some slack, though. He only got traded from Tampa Bay two years ago. A man needs time to attend to all those details associated with moving. The car's registration (which was done in Texas ... point for Cook!) expired in July of last year. And, he had no proof of liability insurance. All of these problematic details gave enough cause for the officer to search Cook's car.

Mr. Cook is free today on $500 bond, with future consequences to be learned over the next few months. Texas has some of the harshest drug laws in the country, with even the smallest amoung of marijuana possession leading to the possibility of six months in jail.

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