Monday, July 21, 2008

Slimmed-Down Inmate Escapes from Texas Jail

I’ve heard of many creative ways that inmates have escaped from prison. There’s the option of digging through the walls of your cell over many years with the plastic spoon issued in the cafeteria, using a well-placed poster to hide your progress. Of course, you must be a very patient prisoner to complete such an undertaking. Or, you simply can hope that the bus transporting you to jail gets hit by a locomotive and you are able to flee from the wreckage. OK … maybe the ways of escape with which I am familiar are all from movies. But, the amazing escape that occurred in the Houston, Texas area over the weekend is quite real.

Darryl Lane Norris escaped from the Waller County Jail in Hempstead, an area outside of Houston, on Saturday by climbing through an air conditioning vent that was less than a foot wide! Apparently, Mr. Norris had been losing weight since arriving at the jail in April. He was awaiting trial for a murder that took place at a convenience store. So, although there is no evidence that Mr. Norris is armed, he should be considered dangerous.

According to Waller County Sheriff Randy Smith, "We just found out he's been slimming down a lot recently.” That is certainly an understatement considering the man slipped through a hole with a width that could barely serve as a long enough bed for a Barbie doll.

All kidding aside, I hope that this fugitive is brought back to justice quickly. The Texas Rangers are part of a large team searching for the skinny, alleged criminal, so we know that the best people possible are on his trail. Perhaps an all-you-can-eat buffet will be a good place to focus the search … he has to be hungry.

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