Thursday, July 24, 2008

For those of you with an interest in law, the cinema or both, the August 2008 edition of the ABA Journal, the monthly magazine published by the American Bar Association, contains an article regarding what the ABA Journal editors believe to be the twenty-five greatest legal movies of all time.
In addition to the the top twenty-five movies, they editors have also created a list of twenty-five greatest runner-up legal movies. The lists are worth the time to read and contemplate, but are hardly authoritative - no legitimate list would ever have ranked the classic Breaker Morant behind the more recent and more publicly accessible My Cousin Vinny. Further, while some of the movies are truly "legal" movies, like, for instance, 12 Angry Men and A Civil Action, other movies are more personally or historically driven, but merely contain the trappings of the legal profession, like Reversal of Fortune and A Man for All Seasons.
If you have the time, it's a very entertaining read.

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