Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Austin Man Admits to Indecency with a Child

Few crimes are met with more outrage than those inflicted on a child. And, unfortunately, the news confirms to us every day that the instance of child as victim is far from rare. What is perhaps unusual, however, is how readily the perpetrator admits to the crime of which he has been accused. Yesterday, a man was arrested in Austin who was ready to confess to his alleged crime and more.

Leroy McAfee was arrested yesterday and charged with indecency with a child for fondling a girl who is related to his fiancĂ©e. The eleven-year-old girl told her grandmother that Mr. McAfee had touched her inappropriately. While being questioned about the accusations, McAfee acknowledged committing not only the crime being discussed but also that he had assaulted several other girls. At least one of the incidents involved using the threat of a deadly weapon – a charge corroborated by the girl who made the initial accusation, as she said that McAfee carried a shotgun. Since McAfee is on probation for a prior shooting and therefore not allowed to carry a firearm, possession of a weapon will be added to his other charges.

Mr. McAfee admitted that he is attracted to preteen girls and only confessed to the crimes now that he had been caught. He apparently told police that he wants help for his problem. If there are issues with McAfee that can be addressed through therapy or other appropriate programs, then I hope he gets the help that he has requested. However, he must also be prepared to face the legal consequences of his deplorable actions.

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Hope he has life insurance!