Friday, June 13, 2008

Beauty School Duo Admits to Miami-Dade Burglaries

The two young ladies creep towards your front door, armed with hair dryers and curling irons. You happen to see them as you peek through your window and you think, “Wow! Did I win one of those surprise makeovers for TV?” Unfortunately, the intentions of the approaching women are anything but glamorous.

Perhaps that exact scene never played out for Hanny Ramirez-Ferrer and Stephanie Botifoll, but it’s an interesting scenario to imagine. The two teenagers, who met each other at the Beauty Schools of America's West Miami-Dade campus, appeared in Miami-Dade Circuit Court yesterday. They have been charged with breaking into homes in West Miami-Dade and stealing more than $20,000 worth of jewelry, cameras and computers. The pair has confessed to five burglaries.

The primary motivation for these burglaries appears to be money, as the women admitted to selling the stolen items on the street. They planned to avoid confrontations with the homeowners, it seems, as the break-ins were all done during the day when homes were empty.

It is unfortunate that these two young women chose to engage in criminal behavior just as they were starting an education in their preferred career track. Neither one had a criminal history in Florida. And, the attorney for Ramirez-Ferrer stated that the girls have “incredible parents on both sides … nice families.” Perhaps during the trial we will learn if it was boredom, peer pressure, desperation or some other factor that led to their poor decisions.

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